Gyula Castle Baths
Address: 5700 Gyula, Várkert u. 2.
Phone.: (+36) 66/561-350
Fax.: (+36) 66/561-060

The most significant baths of the Southern Plains region, of European standards and open all year round. Unique in the sense that it has the biggest indoor bathing area in the country. It is situated in a nature conservation area. In its 8.5-hectare park there are 7 outdoor, 10 indoor and one semi open-air pool. Diverse ways of refreshment are guaranteed to all generations by the century old trees and botanic specialities in the castle park, as well as by the 15 thousand flowers in summer and the 19 pools of the baths. We also have a wave-pool, a children’s water paradise, an indoor wellness and experience centre and a swimming-pool. There are also restaurants, shops, sports and other facilities on the premises.

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Thermal bath
Medical bath
Water park
Swimming pool

- Treatment: therapeutic massage, tangentor, mud treatment, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, magnetotherapy and carbonic acid bath.
- Fitness and wellness: refreshing massage.
- Sports: beach volleyball, beach football, water polo.
- Other facilities: restaurants, catering establishments, souvenir shop, pedicure, manicure, newsagent’s.

The spa waters are suitable for locomotor diseases, rheumatic problems, follow-up treatment, local nervous disorders, acidic stomach problems and inflammatory gynaecological problems.

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