Kecskemét Water and Slide Park (Széktó Pools)
Address: 6000 Kecskemét, Csabay G. krt. 2.
Phone.: (+36) 76/481-724
Fax.: (+36) 76/418-910

The pools operate seasonally, with swimming-pools, slide park, medicinal thermal baths and other facilities. In the summer season there are six more pools operating with bubble zones, waterfalls, jacuzzi and springs, a six-lane slide, a sandy beach with a Mediterranean atmosphere, and rowing. For those who prefer swimming - either as a sport or as leisure - there is an „activity” pool with 70-140 cm deep water, as well as a 50 meter swimming-pool. Therapeutic care is also available in the medicinal thermal and bathing pools situated in the gardens.

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Thermal bath
Medical bath
Water park
Swimming pool

Our medicinal waters are good for locomotor diseases, chronic gynaecological diseases and for follow-up treatment.

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