Spa, Szentes
Address: 6600 Szentes, Ady E. u. 44.
Phone.: (+36) 63/313-765, Pénztár: (+36) 63/313-766

The old artesian pool had operated until 1931. Then in 1932 the 50-metre swimming-pool was opened. There are pools for competitions, for swimming instruction, a thermal pool with experience elements, two children’s pools, and an experience pool with three slides. The spa is dominated by therapeutic activities. The spa waters are good for articular, locomotor and chronic gynaecological diseases. Recently a day-care sanatorium has been opened.

Near hotels
Holdfény („Moonshine”) Boarding House
Holiday Homes and Campsite**
Páterház Boarding House and Restaurant

Thermal bath
Medical bath
Water park
Swimming pool

- Treatment: balneo and physiotherapy.
- Fitness and wellness: sauna in both sections of the spa.
- Sports: tennis and loan of canoes in the lido.
- Other facilities: hairdresser’s in both sections, beautician, buffet, and loan of swimming-costumes.

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