Thermal Baths and Spa, Makó
Address: 6900 Makó, Marczibányi tér 6.
Phone.: (+36) 62/212-590
Fax.: (+36) 62/212-590

The spa waters in Makó and the therapeutical mud from the river Maros provide complex medicinal opportunities. There is an experience pool, a children’s pool and a swimming-pool for active refreshment, as well as a sauna and sports facilities.

Thermal bath
Medical bath
Water park
Swimming pool

- Treatment: thermal bath, therapeutical massage, carbonated bath, mud pack, tangentor, physiotherapy, therapeutical swimming, bioptron light therapy, galvanic bath.
- Fitness and wellness: solarium, sauna, gym.
- Sports: foot tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis.
- Other facilities: buffet, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser’s.

The spa waters are good for treating rheumatic disorders, fractures, injuries, certain skin-diseases, and also for gynaecological, nervous and internal problems.

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